Rassouli Brothers Dental Practice - Invisalign Treatment

A better smile will make a more confident, beautiful, and happy you. Countless people have counted on Invisalign to help them get the straight teeth and great smile they deserve. You shouldn’t hesitate to join them!


One of the main drawbacks to traditional metal braces is the unattractive metal that must line the teeth. This metal draws unwanted attention to the mouth and only puts a spotlight on the very imperfections the braces are supposed to be correcting. With Invisalign, you’ll simply wear a clear, removable aligner that’s all but unnoticeable. Most people will never know you’re wearing Invisalign unless you point it out to them.

Comfortable And Less Treatment Time

Invisalign helps you obtain the smile you’ve always wanted, but without the pain and discomfort of traditional braces. Plus, the entire treatment time averages only a year. Throughout the year, you’ll be given a series of custom molded Invisalign aligners that will gradually shift your teeth to the position your doctor has prescribed. Each set of clear aligners will be worn for around two weeks. You will start to notice the progress of the straightening process as you move on to the next set of aligners within the series.


You can easily remove the Invisalign aligners to drink, eat, perform oral care, and special occasions.

How Do I Know If Invisalign Is Right For Me?

Most of the common issues teens and adults face with teeth alignment, such as crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, overbites, crossbites, and underbites, can be treated by Invisalign.

Maintain Your Lifestyle During Treatment

Clear braces mean that you can maintain your lifestyle as you simultaneously correct your alignment problems. This treatment is designed to blend into your life, not alter it. For those with an active lifestyle, this means that there are no metal wires and bands to irritate your mouth or pose a risk of mouth injury during sports and exercise. Food lovers can simply remove the aligner and indulge without fear of having more food in their braces than in their tummies. Professionals and students can maintain their appearance with the clear, barely noticeable aligners as they speak, conduct meetings and presentations, and go about their work and school lives with confidence.

Choosing An Invisalign Provider

Of course, you want to be careful just who you entrust with your smile. The Invisalign company itself ranks providers of the Invisalign system based on experience and results. The Rassouli Brothers Dental Practice is an Elite Preferred Invisalign provider and an Invisalign teen provider. What does this mean, you ask? Only dentist offices with the highest number of successfully treated Invisalign patients earn the title of Elite Preferred Invisalign provider. Likewise, only providers with proven success using Invisalign to treat teens can earn the title of an Invisalign teen provider. As a potential Invisalign patient, this means that you can feel confident that the Elite Preferred Invisalign provider has substantial experience with the Invisalign system and has obtained successful results with patients like you.

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