Wine and Your Teeth

people tossing their clear wine glasses

A glass of wine after a long day at work can be a heart-healthy way to unwind, according to some studies, but it may not be as good for your teeth. According to a recent study, which was published in “Nutrition Research,” wine has the potential to damage your teeth if you are not careful when sipping.

Wine rot

This scary-sounding issue occurs when the wine erodes the enamel from the teeth. It happens with both red and white wines, and it occurs when the acids in the wine erode calcium and other minerals from teeth. Wine is not the only drink to have this effect: Sodas, juices, and energy drinks can also be to blame.


Red wine is well-known for staining teeth, but white wine can also be to blame. Both types of wine contain both acids and tannins, which make enamel porous and more likely to absorb stains.

The best way to prevent wine-related damage to your teeth is by being proactive. When you drink wine, eat some cheese, too. The cheese helps form a protective barrier and neutralizes the acids in wine. Petroleum-based lip glosses or balms can help create a protective layer between your lips and the wine. Finally, try to wait to brush until about 30 minutes after you have sipped. Brushing too early will lead to damaging the acid-softened enamel and could cause further damage. Teeth whitening can lighten stains that have already occurred.

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